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Excuse the long post but I am going to start from the begining just in case any of it is relevant. A few years ago I bought a HP pavilion s5229uk last week the graphics card gave up on me so I decided to replace it with a asus Hd 6450 silent graphics card and at the same time I shoved in 2 x 4gb g.skill ripjaw ram sticks. All was working well but the graphics cards was getting hot very quick so yesterday I decided to pick up a new pc case that will allow me extra room for fans etc and a 750w PSU to power everything. Upon installing everything into the new case every time I turned the pc on it would turn on for a split second then power off. Upon doing some research on this forum site i realised the motherboard was shorting on the case. So I got some rubber stoppers and job was a good one. Now it will turn on but I get a CPU fan has failed message, computer will turn off please service asap error message. I looked inside the case and the CPU fan was not starting so I thought no problem I'll just pick a new one up today. So I picked up a new heatsink and CPU fan installed it all and it still won't start still the same error message. I have tried plugging it into the sys fan slot on the mobo and it works ok on there. I feel like I should also mention I only have a 3 pin connector on my CPU fan slot on my mobo and the new fan is has a 4pin connector but I have plugged it in as instructed on the net so that it should still work but it will just be constantly on. Any help or ideas here guys?
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  1. First your new case should have metal "standoffs. inserted into it. then the motherboard mounts to these.
    link to various pictures of different types of standoffs.


    If you did not have these installed then you may have shorted the CPU fan traces for power.
    Since this is an oem motherboard you will not have the option to dissable the "CPU FAN ERROR" message.
  2. So you can use the computer or not? I 'm confused about whether the problem was solved or not...

    Most motherboards wont let you boot without a fan plugged in to the CPU_FAN slot. If that slot has shorted out and no longer works then that is a different problem all together. Perhaps try leaving an extra fan you don't need plugged into that slot while your actual CPU fan that you are currently using is plugged into a different(working) slot.
  3. The case didn't come with mounts unfortunately and it doesn't work with it plugged into diff port cuz if I'm correct the mobo can't detect the CPU fan and as prev said I can't disable the command in the bios to check it. Does this mean I need a new mobo? :(
  4. Is this a new or used case?
    All new cases either have a set of raised dimples in the common screw areas and standoffs that can be placed . Or standoffs that can be placed where needed.
    Check the drive bays or HDD drive bays for a small bag sometimes a small box of screws and standoffs.
    It is possible the board flexed enough to brean the traces on the motherboard,
  5. It Was a brand new case and there where no mounts at all not even in the small bags, had to make my own in the end with rubber mounted washers did the job but was it too late?
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