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ASUS Monitor: VH236H or VE247H?

I'm trying to decide which of the following monitors to purchase for the purpose of work and gaming. I will purchase from Memory Express.

1. ASUS VH236H 23in Widescreen LCD ($179.99)

2. ASUS VE247H 23.6in Widescreen LED LCD ($189.99)

It may seem like a no-brainer that the LED one is the way to go, but I've been looking at reviews on newegg and amazon, and it is clear the VH236H is more popular and highly appraised.

Can somone please help me decide which of these to get and back up your opinion with some reasoning.
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  1. monu_08 said:

    Sorry, but I'm only considering the two monitors I listed.
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    Just looking at a comparison the 247H has LED backlight and a higher contrast ratio. Less power consumption, .6" more screen. Beyond that if you read the reviews the only difference is on the 247H there are more complainers over nothing to do with the quality of the monitor so I'd say the only disadvantage is its a little more expensive but if thats not an issue then its a no brainer and get the 247H
  3. Other than the one being LED and using a little less power, it doesn't look like there is much difference between them. I'd go with the VH236H from Newegg, only because it's $149.99 after rebate right now.
  4. well go for asus ve24h7 led it have good contrast ratio and give better picture quality
    buy the two of them
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