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I bought this NETGEAR router two months ago, it has been working fine up until three days ago, then for some reason I have lost the abililty to connect to the internet, I have called NETGEAR tech support and got some guy in India or some another planet, whom I couldn't understand as he talked so fast, and then he had an attitude towards me because I couldn't keep with his instructions.
I have called my Internet provider to check my internet service, that was fine, it's a connectibility with the router, and I can't access my default user name and password to reset the router, the disc that come with the router is totally useless.
My next step is to throw this router in the garbage and start over with a new router that will NOT be a NETGEAR product..this model I have is a piece of junk, maybe other models are better but I won't waste my money on one to find out.
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  1. try unplugging the router, hold the reset button pressed and plug the power back in, keep holding the reset button pressed for 30+ sec.

    this should have reset the router to manufacturer default

    open you browser and type to browse to the router configuration screen. Username should be Admin and the Password should be password.

    should the above address not work try
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