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Well i have always used Toms for my many computing needs. I love the amount of help from the community! so i decided to try my luck with just a simple question. my current computer is a Dell Dimension 4550 2gb Ram 3.06 CPU and a EVGA 6200 se video card. saving for a gaming rig. onto my question lol i have the Intel P4 3.06 CPU and its hypertheaded to my knowledge that means the computer sees it as a Duo Core. i was just wondering, if thats true then does my Single Core equal any GHZ Duo core out there? i know its a stupid simple question but i have never really found an answer but seriously are there any Duo Cores that Preform the Same or about the same as my Single 3.06? i ask because i was able to install GTA 4 on the 4550 and it ran not well of course, but still it started and wanted to run! :) anyways does anyone know the answer to my question? lol thanks ahead of time! and again to all community members your all great have used your advice for almost 2 years now and just decided to join because i have this build going on and i am hoping to be able to ask or even find answers to my many building questions :) thanks for looking at my thread! :bounce:
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  1. Games do not use Hyper Threading. GTA 4 requires an actual dual core CPU. Hyper Threading can generally provide a 10% - 30% boost in performance depending on how well HT has been implemented into the design of the program; if at all. Additionally, your HT is "1st generation". I am almost 100% positive that Intel has since refined the Hyper Threading algorithms in subsequent CPU architectures to make it more efficient and provide better performance over older HT generations.
  2. hmm so i was way off... ahaha well thanks for a quick reply firstly :) i just thought it was odd that i was able to install something that required a Duo and thought i may have seen something about it being recognized differently because of the HT. i dont plan for this to be any kind of gaming rig just an older broken computer i fixed because i was bored. anyways was getting off track there and again thank you Jaguar for inputting and clearing it for me :)
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