Finishing touches on a build

Everything must come from
I want to keep the build at around 600 dollars.
I want to be able to play games like skyrim at medium-high settings

This is what i have so far
cd drive:
Hard drive:

total is 566.94.

I need a psu and a case.
I would like the case to be nice but not super flashy.

I would like to keep the total below 650 but i would rather pay 700 and get good hardware.

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  1. Get the i5-3570K for $230 on Amazon, or the i5 2500K for $205 on Amazon. For the same price as the 7770, you can get the HD 6850 which will play BF3, SKyrim, etc. on High, and it overclocks pretty decently. Will you overclock? If yes, the motherboard does not support overclocking. If not, same the money and get an i5-2400/i5-2500/i5 3450. Also, that RAM is too much. For gaming, 1333/1600MHz RAM is what you need. 2133 will not make a frame of a difference. Save $10-$15, and get a decent 8GB 1600 set.
  2. Everything must come from
  3. Well, on Newegg, the 6850 is about $125-$130, so I highly suggest it over the 7770. Didn't see the "Everything must come from" part, haha.
  4. 6850 < good choice
  5. changed the processor to
    changed the ram to
    changed the motherboard to

    Could i get a link the the graphics card you are suggesting. Thanks

    Remember, i need a power supply and case and i dont want to spend over $650.

    Right now the total stands at $578

  6. I would grab a better brand of ram.
  7. If you suggest new parts, could you get me a link. Thanks
  8. Ok thanks. Just need a link the the graphics card you suggested.
    and a power supply unit and a case (with usb 3)

    Also, does the mother board i selected (5th post) support overclocking.

  9. Dont forget to get a aftermarket cpu cooler
  10. Do you want to overclock? Because if you want, the CPU is incompatible, and the mob is compatible.

    This RAM is a lot better:
  11. obsama1's choice of ram is better and it will leave more room for a non stock cpu cooler that you need to buy.
  12. Oh yeah. he changed the CPU my bad :-)
  13. thanks guys. Power supply??? case???

    Thanks for all the help
  14. 650W is too much, IMO. 500W-600W is a better range.
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