Is the i7-3970x Worth It

Is the I7-3970x worth is or should i just get a I7-3930k CPU
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  1. Depends on what you are doing with it. Gaming? Use a 3570K and pocket the hundreds of dollars difference. The I7-3970K is only for real intensive computing, not gaming.
  2. The 3970X is basically pointless anyway. It's just a 3960X clocked 200Mhz higher...

    Anyway, I would just get the 3930K, if you really need a 6 core powerhouse like that.

    The 3930K is only 100Mhz slower than the 3960X and otherwise basically the same (the only difference being how far you can OC. I forget how many "bins" difference there is, but it's nothing that you would ever need to worry about, since the 3930K can OC higher than you really ever could with normal cooling, anyway).
  3. The 3930k is 99% as good as the 3970x for probably less than half of the price.
  4. If you really need six cores with HT, get the 3930K and use the saved money for a decent cooling system. The OCing will overcome any mhz or cache advantages that the more expensive hexa-cores have.
  5. 3930K is the best of the i7 hexa cores, the 3960x and 3970x are a bit faster and have a bit more caches, something that your not going to miss.
    If you need more power then the 3930k then your probably looking in on Xeon territory instead.

    I refer to the xeon's as more power territory cause i'm assuming anyone buying a X79 platform CPU is using it for more then gaming.
    If this is a gaming only rig then drop down to the 1155 socket / Z77 platform way better value for money
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