Monitor going to sleep when using a USB drive

This just start happening. It wasn't happening last night or this morning, but just a little while ago it started and now it's doing it without fail. Whenever I plug/unplug something into a usb drive, such as a flash drive or webcam, my monitor goes to sleep. The computer itself isn't in sleep mode, and the monitor wakes up if I press a button of move the mouse. I checked the heat level on my GPU and it was normal and doubled checked that the driver was up to date. I don't know whats going on and I can't seem to find any information on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize if this is in the wrong category. Some of my specs are as follows:

Windows 7 64-bit
Intel i7 core - 2.8 GHz
NVidia Geforce GTX 570
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  1. This problem is so random that I would guess the PSU is failing. That is usually the catch all for completely random stuff, especially when it is behavior that has changed over time.
  2. **UPDATE** I shut my computer off for a while, between my last post and now, and it the problem has stopped. IT still bugs me though, and I'd like to find the root cause.
  3. Same thing as I already told you, most likely.

    The PSU is the #1 source of random problems, especially the ones that are intermittent.
  4. **Update**

    The usb drive's haven't caused my computer to go to sleep since that first incident, however, I've been keeping my pc off most of the time an only have it on when my girlfriend has to do her homework. Since starting this trend I havent had many problems, but one day after she'd been on it for a little bit i started going to sleep and acing like it was rstarting. I'm not sure if it actually did restart or not because I was not in the room, and neither was she for that matter, but she was in the next room over and she said she heard all of the fans and such kick on like usual when starting up and then when she went back into the room it was on the desktop. Do you (or anyone else) still think it is the power source? That seems to be the answer i'm finding the most but I'd like to be as sure as I can be before I get a new PSU this week.
  5. Does anyone else agree that it could be the PSU?
  6. It's possible, for the power supply to cause the problem. On a side note, this is the first time I've heard something like this...
  7. Yeah it seems to be an uncommon problem. I've looked around various sights and such and I haven't been able to find another person who has experienced this. I'm fine with getting a new psu, but i'd like to be as sure as possible, money is tight.
  8. The only other thing that it sounds like it could really be is just a bad monitor.

    The only way to test is to either borrow a different PSU or borrow a different monitor.
  9. Raiddinn said:
    The only other thing that it sounds like it could really be is just a bad monitor.

    The only way to test is to either borrow a different PSU or borrow a different monitor.

    I didn't think of that. I don't think it's the monitor because I think the computer has restarted before, but it's still worth a check. If there is anything new to post after trying it i'll post on here. If not i'll wait to post until after i get a new psu this weekend.
  10. I am having the same problem. If I remove a usb device while working on the computer the monitor goes to sleep. Never seen this before. I have a 27" asus monitor and a seasonic 650w psu. Let me know if your new psu makes a difference. I have trouble replicating the problem because it only happens sometimes. I tested the psu and all the voltages are within the norm. So weird....
  11. I have been having the same problem but I have three screens and all of them go out. I know it's not the screen but I would be pissed if it's the PSU because It cost me a bundle. I'm going to put up with it for now but please let me know if a new PSU fixes it for you.
  12. My has been doing the same thing. usb anything on or off screen goes dark and starts auto looking for signal until I move mouse or keyboard. I have 2yo tx750 psu...I think it started happening after charging a referbishied ipad1 the battery was really dead it would not charge from its charger. I thought the charger was bad so i tried the computer and heard a surge a few days later this starts. I was hoping it was the video card wanting excuse to upgrade.
  13. I swapped out the PSU and it fixed the problem.
  14. hey peeps,

    I know this is an older thread but I have just started to have this issue occurring when I insert anything into the motherboards USB back ports, Also have had it occur when I opened up CPUID for a quick check, my system is only a few weeks old so not too happy im already having any issues.
    running a thermaltake toughpower gold 750 (I was impatient and this was the best the store had at the time, plus it helped that it was on special too )
    I have done the obligitory off again on again which did seem to fix the problem for now but if it is an issue I want to get it fixed as soon as possible.

    So is anyone else having this occur at all?
    or is this a rare occurrence?

    guitly_rebel have you had the issue since the new PSU at all?
    what where PSUs you swapped?

    cuyler / tweeker / mpknght are you guys still havin the issue or did a PSU swap rectify?

    any assistance would be much appreciated as always

    :) :) :D :D
  15. Hey. Sorry to hear you're havin computer problems. I had to get a specific model of psu to match all of my peripherals but since replacing it i havent had the problem at all. If you can swing it or if itll match your computer, id recommend a corsair, never had any problems with them. I hope this helps!
  16. yeah corsair seems to be the way forward,

    I think a HX750+ will be on the cards if this issue continues, or a seasonic...
    well its good to hear that it might just be as simple as a PSU issue and not
    a GPU one, as that can get rather more pricey.

    Thanks guilty
  17. Ya, a failing psu can be the link to all sorts of little problems. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed that itll be this easy for you. :)
  18. sweet,

    well I'll keep an eye on things and if it comes back ill look into a new PSU and advise,
    no point forkin out cash for a one time issue

    Thanks guilty :D
  19. I know I am almost a year late with an answer, but I just ran into this exact problem myself and found this thread.

    In my case what seems to have caused the problem was the "USB selective suspend setting." I figured this out because the problem started after I had just changed "Power Plans."
    If I have the suspend setting enabled, my monitor will go to sleep whenever I plug or unplug something from the usb ports. If the setting is disabled the problem goes away.

    The setting is found in Control Panel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change Advanced Power Settings
    Expand the "USB settings" section and the "USB selective suspend setting" then set it to "Disabled."

    Hopefully this can still help someone in the future.
  20. thanks for your update jasoncap. this problem just started happening for me and your suggestion for the USB selective suspend in the power settings did the trick. not sure why it only just started but I suspect that it had something to do with me plugging in a UPS device and that changed the power settings or at least which settings were activated, but thanks to you it's all good now.
  21. Thanks buddy , this started happening to me also. Tried your fix and now sorted, this happened after my ssd software update popped in a new power plan without me realising, well done for the heads up and thanks again.

    Win7 64Bit
    Intel Core 2 2.6GHz
    Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512
  22. jasoncap,
    You solved my problem, THANX!
    I wish this answer could be highlighted and brought to the top of the responses.
    It is not a hardware problem, but a worthless setting in a Microsoft Product that should never have been allowed.
    The cure to MS insanity is tens of thousands of jasoncap problem solvers.
    Simple is better.
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