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Hey there everyone, I've been here before and got help from a lot of you, and I have just a couple more questions. I'd like to stay around $950 if at all possible. Basically I have chosen several cases and am wondering which would provide the best results. I want it to look cool, be easy to work with since this is my first time building a computer, and obviously have good ventilation. I also have been looking around at low profile 8gb RAM, but I just cannot make my decision because of all the horror stories I read related to it. So here is my current build:

Here are the cases I am trying to choose from, the Zalman Z9 Plus was my favorite as far as looks go, and it's features seem nice and also comes with plenty of stock fans.

The Antec One Illusion I have heard good things about and looks nice.

Of course the Cooler Master HAF 912, however, I've heard dust builds up fairly fast in the case.

Lastly, the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer. Looks really slick and I hear great things about it.

So if you would help me pick from these cases and give me good reliable low profile RAM, I'd be most grateful. Thanks!
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  1. im going to change the build quite a bit for you

    if you add the ram and case to your build, it would be around 1000 dollars

    heres my take
  2. Would you mind justifying the changes you made to my build? I would just like to know before I completely revamp it. The thing that has me the most confused is the PSU and motherboard. I have heard nothing but great things about the motherboard I've chosen. I've also read the ASUS 7850 is bigger than the Sapphire. I am assuming you simply prefer ASUS?
  3. i dont really trust asrock even though it is a subsidary of asus. last time from what i heard they were cheaping out on the caps that they used on their power delivery. id get the asus one since its slightly cheaper and asus always makes things with great quality

    the asus 7850 cooling solution is trusted and is completely overkill for the 7850. just that overkill in this case is a good thing. the heatsink will allow for much more OC headroom. no coil whine either
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