How do I know if my PC accept PC100 or PC133?

Good day to all,

I have a PII system in the company with no manuals to refer.
Is there any way to tell if the system can accept PC100 or PC133 SDRam? Do I need to buy a PC133 then change the Bios setting of my PC to check it out?

If it turns out that my PC accepts PC100 then will I be wasting money to buy PC133? Can I put PC133 ram into PC100 ram slot?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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  1. You should have looked over the other post, this question has been answered about 1000 times in here. PC133 is balckwards compatable with PC100 and PC66. If you have any type of SDRAM you can use PC133 in your system, which is available for around $20 for 128MB these days at the online discount stores. 133 is simply the MAXIMUM speed that the memory is garrunteed to run at, not the minimum. You can run it as slow as you want. The only chipset that needed an older style SDRAM is the Intel VX, which is not a PII chipset.

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  2. Thanks a lot crashman.
    I will look over other posts to gain more understanding.
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