Raid drivers won't install during windows 7 install

Hey guys, I am trying install windows 7 onto my raid setup and I am failing. I have two raptor 70GB in a raid. Tyan S7050A2NRF, dual intel e5-2620 and 16GB of ram that is only showing up as 12.

When in the windows setup at the part where it asks you which drive to install on, the raid isn't showing, so I choose load drivers and browse for the external hard drive that contains the driver. After selecting the drivers folder it acts like it's installing them and then tells me that installing unsigned drivers may cause an unstable windows, but gives me no option to continue installing them.

The raid never shows up in the list of drives just my external and this makes me sad. Ive never done a raid setup before, so I could be doing it wrong. My bios does confirm I have a raid going on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Mark :sol:
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  1. mark you first have to tun raid on on the mb chipset then hit save and exit. when the bios reboots or you re-power the mb there should be a qucik message to hit some keys to go into the intel raid setup.. could be control i or some other keys.
    when you go into the raid set up.. you have the option of taking your two drive and making a raid 0/1/5/....ect drive. after you make the raid drive and name it there should be tools to format the raid drive. after it formated and named when you reboot have the raid drivers for the mb..have them expanded and make sure it not an exe but an inf file...hit f6 custom install and install the driver. if you set the raid drive up windows should now see it.
  2. Smorizio,
    I did all of that, I have a raid 0 and it still won't let me install the drivers.
  3. Am I installing the correct drivers? I downloaded the ones from, the sas driver and raid driver, neither worked.
  4. I just deleted the raid and created a new one, the problem continues.
  5. There will be a couple of other options somewhere in your regular BIOS you will need to set. I am assuming you have entered the RAID BIOS and configured the 2 drives into a striped set correctly, after that you need to go into the regular BIOS and set the RAID array as bootable, or as storage. If bootable, then add to your list of bootable devices. Have you done this?
  6. jitpublisher,
    I have done that and the raid says bootable next to it. It still won't show in the windows install and the drivers still do nothing.
  7. Are there any work arounds to this? So it wouldn't let me install windows on any other drives if I had the raid setup, so I deleted the raid and I am installing windows on a different drive than the two I want to raid. I am thinking that once I have an install on one drive I'll try to setup the raid again and then install windows on the raid through the other drive's windows. Any suggestions?
  8. It seems like my work around is working. Windows is currently installing, thanks for the help guys.
  9. It sounds to me like either the raid isnt setup properly or the drivers on the disk arnt windows 7, i would go to tyans site and download the newest raid drivers and try those.
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