PSU req. two gtx 460's SLI superclocked

Hey, I'm going to upgrade my PC this weekend. My current build is: GTX 460, i7-2600k (@ 3.4 ghz), 1 tb HD (7200 RPM) secondary 320 GB drive @7200 RPM, an MSI P67A-GD65 mobo, 16 gb of RAM @ 1600 mhz, and a corsair GS800 (800 watt PSU)

When I go to upgrade I was looking to get an SSD and a second gtx 460, since I'm not wanting to spend a million dollars for a new 670 or something I'm just going to SLI my curent card and have two of 'em as my GPU. I know this was probably a very long two paragraphs for one simple question so all I am asking essentially, is will an 800 watt corsair PSU power two gtx 460s with my current build? Thankyou soo much for taking your time to read this!!
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  1. The two cards, running at absolute max, will never draw 400W.


    The rest of your system will possibly reach 200W.

    In practice, you won't pull more than 500W from the wall, and I would guess that most gaming will draw less than 450W total.

    I would expect the Corsair GS800, whether the new or old version, to handle the load fine.
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    Also keep an eye on your amps. The max power your GTX 460 would pull (at default clock speeds) Nvidia has listed as 160W, (160 Watts at 12 Volts is a maximum draw of about 13.5 Amps). If you have a CPU that is a 125W (About 10.5 Amps). So, make sure your power supply is capable of (2 cards & CPU) 13.5 +13.5 + 10.5 = 37.5 amps.

    And the psu you're looking at, Corsair GS800, is a single rail with 65A so you're way ok, including the other upgrades you mentioned plus a few more I'm sure.
  3. Alright thankyou both very much for helping me out here! I didn't want to go out and have to buy a new psu, :)
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