High Temps with i7 and Antec Kuhler 620

I recently upgraded my desktop to an i7 2700k processor. First thing I noticed was the temps I was reading off of core temp under load. Playing skyrim for example would range anywhere from 65c-85c and every so often a little higher. I had an i5 2320 previously and never had seen a temp above 65c. I was using the intel fan and heatsink that came with it. I wasnt attempting an overclock, i just left everything stock and had even reapplied artic five silver a few times to see if that was the problem.

The next day after no progress i decided to try a different cooler and i ended up with the antec kuhler 620. In a series of unfortunate events i electrozapped my mobo and had to replace it. I didnt get to see the temp changes because my system wouldnt post at all. So a few days pass and i get a new mobo. Got done setting it up this evening and only to my surprise i was receiving the same temps i has with the intel cooler. Im rather confused and would appreciate any help.

I had to reinstall windows and i only loaded the basic drivers that came with my new motherboard. I havent flashed the bios ( i dont really know how) nor have i overclocked or messed with any default fan speeds.

Here is what i have,

intel i7 2700k
intel mobo DH77KC
amd hd radeon 6950 2gb
8 gb of ram
corsair gs700 psu
antec nine hundred case
antec kuhler 620
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  1. I don't know much about the i7's temps but have you checked that your applying a tiny amount of thermal paste and checking if the heatsink is seated properly.
  2. yes i've applied as artic silver shows on their website. Its a small line down the center. As for as being seated properly it fits snug and doesnt move easily, especially after figuring out the setup for it because the directions included are non-existent.
  3. Bump for any other insight?
  4. Does the fan on the heatsink appear be spining fast or slow?
  5. Doing a bit of research i noticed a lot of people are experiencing problems with this exact model. Ok i've became a bit more informative with the i7's, It seems this is just the normal temp. Over 90-100 is overboard but otherwise it should be fine but you should buy a better aftermarket Heatsink maybe the Cooler master 212 Evo or something similar to that.
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