7870 for 350 or 7970 for 450

I run a single monitor 1080p setup on all the latest games. I was wonder what everyone thinks should i drop the extra $100 for the 7970 or stick with the 7870
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  1. Or maybe you can get a HD 7950 and OC it, it overclocks well and surpasses HD 7970 level when OCed to a certain level.

    If money is no issue to you, get the HD 7970 or you might consider the newer GTX 670 which is the best bang for buck.
  2. I totally didn't see that the 670 came out. I just order the evga 670 for 400. Will be sending back my 7870 it keeps turing off.
  3. Glad that you made that purchase.
  4. When I saw the title of this thread I was going to say "or 670 for 400". :P

    Good purchase :) The 7970 is going to have to come down in price I'd say.
  5. Thanks for the advice I should receive my EVGA gtx 670 any minuet now and IM looking really forward to it.

    I have a Sahpire 7870 OC but it kept crashing on me randomly and for no apparent reason and will be going back. Tried power supply replacement at no prevail. After a few years I guess its about time I jumped back on the NIVIDA wagon.
  6. Now its on to OC research. I want to get a little extra juice out of it.
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