Possible 8800gt overheating?

So i installed diablo 3 recently and when i run the game about 5 mins into it my comp freezes with a weird display like zig-zag lines on it. i have tried downloading and reinstalling the nvidia graphics drivers, but to no avail. i have been running the same spec for the past 3 yrs and never gave me any trouble with any games. the only change i made is that i got a new 3tb hdd a month back.
intel core 2 duo 2.33 ghz
nforce 650i
nvidia geforce 8800gt 500mb
2 gb ram
3 tb hdd
450w psu
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  1. That's a rather old computer and as such it is possible that the thermal paste on one or more of your components has dried up. If you're comfortable taking the boards apart you can change it easily, just make sure that you ceramic paste on the GPU and chipset
  2. Check the air flow of your case, it should have 2 case fans - positive air flow (check Toms guide for setup). Check power supply as well...
  3. @pinhedd - while re-attaching the card i noticed some white stuff which could have been dried up paste falling off the card.. is that it ?

    @ct615 - odyssey 450w is the model of the psu
    im not so good with the temps so i got this http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/6444/70205294.jpg
  4. yeah dried up white stuff is probably the thermal paste. Thermal paste is cheap and all you need to replace it is some rubbing alcohol or electronic contact cleaner and a philips screwdriver
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