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Gts8800 compatible with sabertooth z77

Hello, Im just upgrading my Pc parts in my Thermaltake kandaff case which consists of. New mobo: Sabertooth Z77 memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4gb 1866mhz CPU: i7 3770k 3.5ghz GPU: keeping the same GPU's in SLI, Geforce GTS8800 512mb PSU: Antec 850W SSD: OCZ vertex 4 128gb Water Cooling: Thermaltake Bigwater 760 I have 2 other older HDD in there as well think they are WD 500gb. Just wondering mainly if they are all compatible with each other on the new mobo. And if i have enough power with the PSU i have.
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  1. Yes your 8800gts will be compatible with the sabertooth and just make sure the old HDDs you have are SATA as the sabertooth does not have IDE ports.

    The PSU is good enough too so no worries there.

    Have fun :)
  2. I don't see any reason that the 8800GTS's wouldn't work.

    I just question the reasoning of crippling a system like that with SLI 8800GTS's (unless this won't be a gaming system or you'll be getting a new GPU (or GPU's) soon).

    And yes, that PSU is pretty much enough to run 3 GPU's, and everything else there, with ease (even if the CPU and GPU's were overclocked). Way overpowered for what you'll start off with.
  3. excellent :) thanks for your help. Yes i will get new GPU's soon but will stick the old ones in for now. Plan to buy 2 GTX GPU's to run in SLI but havent decided which ones to go as yet and which ones wont chew all the power. I heard some of the GPU's chew alot of juice.
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    Eh, most of the newer GPU's (from both Nvidia and AMD) are very efficient. Even the top end GPU's are pretty power friendly. The 690 tends to pull a lot of wattage, but it's a dual GPU card, so what else would you expect? lol

    The last insanely power hungry cards were the original Fermi's (the 400 series). A GTX 480 could suck down the juice.
  5. yeh i dont think ill go the 690 lol very expensive. Probably stick to around the $250 - $300 range lol. Just gotta make sure they are SLI capable. If i need to spend more to get that i guess ill have to spend more. Not as hard core into the games as i used to be but still love to play them :)
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