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Laptop Freeze in-game with Buzzing sounds

Last response: in Components
November 21, 2012 6:27:28 AM

Hello this is my first time here since it made me join here because the problem i'm experiencing can be related to one of the threads here but it did not help me at all since i am using a Sony Vaio Windows 7 64-bit and the thread only supported an answer for the PC whice was a downer i hope you guys would be able to help me..

here is the thread i was talking about:
all i can say is my problems are similar to him except that he uses a pc and i use a laptop but if i would say something is there are games (assassin's creed 2 and brotherhood) that i never experienced any crashing or something never not once.. the freezing seems to occur on old and new games alike but there are a few exceptions where they work without freezing/crashing which makes me wonder.. also i want to mention that my laptop would freeze up but what i'd do was spam the alt+tab and windows keys until it goes back to the desktop with an increased brightness on the screen and i would just go back to playing..also the case of certain games like that of the total war series.. i could play napoleon and shogun 2 without and problem even on high graphics and with the absence of freezing but on earlier games like Rome and Medieval it crashes after a few minutes or so

Here are my specs Intel Cire i3-330m Processor 2.13Ghz Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit HDD 500 gb Memory of 4gb direct x 11 display is ATI mobility radeon hd 5650 total memory of 2733
hope you guys could help me as you have helped the guy in the link :) ))
a b D Laptop
November 21, 2012 12:50:56 PM

with games it depends on the age of the game and the game engin it uses. a lot of the newer games use unreal or microsoft engine for there games and most newer hardware does not have and issue. some old games use opengl from way back most them are older mmo. And some games are written badly for some gpus. I would start with the simple fixes. make sure the mb chipset driver for the laptop. the and video chipset are up to date. (see if the newest amd driver will install.
make sure on your laptop it has good airflow. some gamers by cooling mats to help the laptop from not overheating. on the games that do crash try turning down the eye candy. the last is to toss is some more ram. 4g and some games may not be enfue ram for the game to run the maps.