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Decided to buy this graphics card Radeon 6850..
however my PC needs a new PSU i was thinking around 500W but i dont know which one and how the connections/cables go so if i could get some good PSU's i would appreciate it!
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  1. the website for that card says that you need a minimum of 500w so thats your starting point.
  2. whats your build? we can give you a better choice if we know whats in your PC.
  3. AMD does recommend a 500w PSU and even though what really counts is what the amps on the 12v rail is. But since you need a PSU anyway the 500w is the best way to go.

    So the brands you should look for are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Silver Stone, and some OCZ PSU's. I will link you too some PSU's and a list of PSU's that go from the best Tier 1 to the worst Tier 5.

    That way if you can't find these brands you can look on that list and know what not to buy. The 6850 is a nice card but the 6870 for a few dollars more is better. I will link you to that as well. Good luck to you.





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