AMD FX 6300?

So i'm looking to upgrade my processor, ram and motherboard. i would like to be able to play a few games such as battlefield and call of duty etc. At the moment my graphics card is a 5670 but i will be upgrading to either a 6870 or a 7870.

Will this CPU be good enough and if so what motherboard should i get for around £60-£75.

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  1. Yes, it'll be good budget CPU. But, if you can extend your budget, get an i5 at least (i5 3470, i5 3570k will be best though). Otherwise, it's good.
  2. The 6300 is pretty good for gaming and I don't think the extra money for the i5 is worth it. And go for the 7870 as it is a good lot better than the 7870
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