Gigabyte radeon HD 6850 need advice!


I've purchased and just equipped hd 6850 - gigabyte windforce non OC.

So, for a test, I ran a diablo3 at all high and AA and the FPS was 70~85.
But even if the FPS is high, I feel like getting lag on my screen..

Does anyone know this reason? FYI, I'm using 4 year old lcd monitor (VGA) and the resolution is 1400 x 1050.

I've downloaded the graphic drive on gigabyte website and installed. I don't know why I'm feeling laggy in diablo3 even if the FPS is around 70.

Any advice will be so appreciated!
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  1. You should try and download the latest drivers from the AMD site. I'm not sure if Gigabyte will have the most current ones available. You can check your drivers by going into the AMD catalyst control center and checking the version. You want to have the most current version, 12.4.

    Also in Diablo 3 check to make sure vertical sync is on.
  2. Turn Vsync on , should solve ur problem
  3. I'm having the same issue. I have a 7850 I think it's to do with the internet connection.
  4. Thanks a bunch, guys. I will try download latest driver.. hopefully, it works out! I will let you know.
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