Which 7850 should I go with?

I have 4 options, all of them within $10 of each other.

Asus Direct CUII
Sapphire OC
MSI Twin Frozr III
Gigabyte OC

Which one will run the coolest, stock and OC?
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  1. The MSI Twin Frozr III is the one I would choose and do my own OC'ing with MSI Afterburner. Hope this helps and good luck on your choice.
  2. Saphire gets my vote for running extra quiet.
  3. And I vote too for Sapphire but after the Asus DC II, right now the most stable HD 7850 that doesn't have common issues is the DC II but it's hard to find one in stocks so the Sapphire is the best choice to go with.

    Actually all brands that you listed are reliable, all provide the best cooling.
    So I rank them in the same order you listed them.
  4. if i were to make a guess, the gigabyte will be the loudest of the 4
  5. Thanks went with an ASUS DCII
  6. They are all good and no matter what one you chose it would be better than what you had good luck to you. Cheers.
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