Performance of the i5 3330?

I've been looking at the 3rd gen i5s (and motherboard) to replace my 455 x3 and the i5 3330 looks like a good budget choice but there is a lack of reviews and data about the performance about the chip.
So can anyone shed some light on the subject?

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  1. the i5-3330 gives similar performance to the slightly older i5-2400 while adding a few new features. you can compare the i5-2400 to the athlon II x3 455 in the link below (they currently have not reviewed the i5-3330) and see that switching to the i5-3330 would be a noticeable difference. while it is a very good upgrade in terms of CPU performance, if you are looking for graphic improvement (for gaming, etc.,) you may need to look at GPU options instead/also depending on your PC hardware.
  2. I currently have and use a AFOX AMD HD6850. Which upgrade would i most benefit from?
  3. My suggestion is to upgrade the CPU. The Athlon II X3 is a bit slow and is causing a small to a somewhat moderate bottleneck for games. So in essence, it is holding back your graphics card a bit.
  4. Get a phenom II x4 965 BE. They are, in the UK anyway, less than half the price of the i5 2500k.

    The 965 is only 25% slower than the 2500k. The difference in gaming? Not noticeable, and not worth the £90* premium.

    *The 965 BE costs £70, the i5 2500k costs £160-£170. 200% of the price, for 125% of the performance.
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