Getting ready to order

Budget build that a 14 year old is paying for himself haha :-)

Pentium G630

Asrock mobo

I ordered a stick of 4gb of ram yester day and I have a Zalman Z11 case, Corsair 430w V2 and il reuse my 320gb HDD (clean install of Win 7)

I plan on getting a 7850 if my PSU can power it without replacing it

I dont have much money D: ($130)

This is the RAM I ordered

I saw that it wasnt compatible on the mobo's site but im pretty positive that it will

- Thank You :hello:
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  1. Common! Somebody D;
  2. Are u saying u have $130 left for a GPU? What resolution do u game on?
  3. I'm getting a GPU later on when I have more money. I was wondering if this setup I chose (CPU+MOBO) would be alright... well the motherboard
  4. Well at tight budgets a H61 isn't a bad choice and certainly no loss for a stock/no OC rig
  5. Do you think the power supply I have would power a 7850? The PCIe 6 pin has 28 amps I believe...

    My PSU and powering 5 fans lol
  6. lawls at your situation

    id wait for a ivy bridge i3 or the ivy bridge refreshes. im sure you can survive a couple more months on the current system

    the 430w should handle the 7850 fine as long as it has enough amperage. the max power you can draw is like 200w given how little hardware you throw into the rig

    get this pentium instead. there isnt noticeable performance increase from 100mhz
  7. Naw Naw dawg I have an Athlon 64 X2 and 1gb RAM I isnt want to run on dis still (LOOOL) and that CPU was $55 yesterday :( I'll change to that then
  8. And I'll be on 720p when I upgrade my GPU
  9. wooooooow that is old skool. my dads sledgehammer amd takes about 5min to get to the home screen

    just go ahead and get the new parts. id check newegg and for deals of the day. i got a set of gskill snipers and a mushkin chronos deluxe 240gb this way
  10. Il go to CVS again and get myself a prepaid card tomorrow but im only getting the CPU first or should I deposit a large amount on the card :0
  11. Do you think the RAM will work? It says on the website that it's not compatible but I've read that the ram would work unless its 1.5v or what ever :0
  12. you should get 1.5v or lower. anything beyond that eventually frys your memory controller or make it last shorter
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    yeah it works.

    from what i know, newegg packaged my set of gskill snipers in 3 pounds of paper and cardboard so be prepared to be shocked at how big the box is
  14. My order is about 2 and a 1/2 hours away and they're bringing it tomorrow -___- got there at 8 am -_____-
  15. I'll order on Monday since I'm short on $5 lol
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  17. id buy a big mac with that
  18. I'm just going to buy the cpu myself and ask my father to buy the mobo. Solution... and can buy several Big Mac Meals.
  19. i have to buy everything by myself but then i have a job
  20. lol well im only 14... il try child labor soon....
  21. i am too....
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