Potential monitor/graphics card issue

I recently bought the monitor listed above after my previous monitor (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009162) broke. The previous monitor displayed crystal clear videos from just about any source, from games to YouTube to BluRay.

This new monitor, however, displays videos in a rather grainy and "pixelated" quality. I'm not sure why this is.

At first, I noticed that the monitor was listed as Generic PnP in the device manager. I went to the Acer website and downloaded the driver they have listed for this monitor and updated it. Nothing changed. NOTE: In playing around with setting, the device manager has since reverted this back to Generic PnP Monitor. Not sure why, and I am unable to get it to "change" back.

I changed the overscan settings in CCC to get rid of the inch-thick box around the screen. That didn't seem to be the issue.

Does anyone know what may be my problem here? Could it be my graphics card?

PS: Posted this in Flat Panel Display forum as well to see if the monitor guys could help out with this.
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  1. Actually, I was wondering if this could be an issue with Catalyst Control Center. I just updated it to 12.4 shortly after plugging in the new monitor. I didn't really get an opportunity to test the monitor before the update.
  2. Are you sure its not your resolution?
    What is the name and model of your graphics card?
    Are you connecting the monitor through VGA, DVI or HDMI?
  3. AMD Radeon HD 6500 Series. I am connecting through HDMI - the monitor only has 1 VGA port and 2 HDMI ports. Resolution is 1920x1080.
  4. Try taking a picture and posting it. Also it might be your cable that is faulty. Also try the monitor settings; I can choose modes between Gaming and Normal in my monitor and it does make a visual difference.
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