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Here is my deal I Currently have a HD 5750 in my rig. It handles everything just fine on high settings with a few hiccups on ultra settings for most games. I however would like to run everything on ultra and no hiccups except for extreme situations.

I was thinking to upgrade my video card, and while I was thinking, I had some questions I Didn't have the answer to, first things first my basic PC composition.

I have a Phenom II X4 running at 4.1ghz
Motherboards has PCI 2.0 x2 @ (16x ) or (16x, 4x)
Radeon HD 5750 1GB 128bit

My questions are, if I were to get a second 5750(Pretty cheap right now since they're a lil old about $60) would my processor start bottlenecking? Also would this be the case if I were to switch out my motherboard(in order to get full use of the PCIE 3.0) and get a newer HD7850. ? I basically want to upgrade my video card so I'm wondering if I am perhaps too late and need to upgrade several pieces(Mobo, CPU, GPU) or if I were to just get another 5750 would I be just fine? Thanks in advanced for all the help
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  1. Ok it would be best to up grade to the 7850 or 7870 and it will work in your 2.0 slot you will not even see the difference. Since your MOBO now has x16 and x16 + x4 is not good for crossfiring.

    It will not bottle neck but is will cause your GPUs to run very slow. It should be x16 + x8 or x16 +x16 or x8 + x8. Even though the 5750 is a good card and a second one would really be nice.

    It is the PCIe slots. You would be good to upgrade your MOBO to the new ones with the 3.0 slots and use the 2.1 cards in it and it will work. So there is your two choices. So it is up to you and Good luck.
  2. All of your questions depends on your monitor resolution.
    but it's always recommend to get a sing high end GPU than CFing 2 low end cards, scaling won't reach 100% with HD 5xxx cards, it won't properly scale well due to driver to free yourself up from this hassle get HD 7850.

    Well, All the AMD CPUs are bottlenecking with CPU intensive games like Skyrim & WOW any GPU intensive games you won't feel much difference between your CPU and a high end Intel Core ixxx.

    EDIT: Just saw that you have PCIE X16/X4, this will affect your performance. So crossfire is not an option.
    Regarding the PCIE 3.0 HD 7850, it will work 100% without any performance hit in your MOBO as there's no difference between PCIE 3.0 and 2.0 in real world performance.
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