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Im planning to upgrade my PC and looking for a quad core processor.

How should i go with the selection ? Older Core 2 Quad or 2nd/3rd Gen i5 ?
I will be adding external graphics card with the PC so i will not be looking for integrated graphics option.
So what processor and what Motherboard should i select ?

(if Max memory support and no.of expansion slots play big role in MB/Processor costing, then i m sure i wont be using more than 8 Gb ram , 4Sata ports(max)(no RAID-SAS) and will be using 1 expansion slot max that's for graphics card.)

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  1. BUDGET?
  2. z77 + Core i5 3570k
  3. thanx all

    @ americanbrian

    Budget is around 215 USD for Pro. (For MB flexible )


    Any specific brand and model u suggest for that chipset? or should i go with intel original ?

    yup and forget to mention in my first post.. NO OVERCLOCKING
  4. unreal9400 said:
    z77 + Core i5 3570k

    I agree. Get an Z77 ASROCK Extreme 4 motherboard with this processor.

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4

    Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo)
  5. Even the dual-core i3 can give most Core2 Quads a run for their money so it does not make much sense to upgrade to a Core2Quad. If you absolutely want quad-core, go with i5-3xxx. Any of them will be faster than any stock Core2Quad.

    Motherboard-wise, since you do not need any unusual IOs, you can make-do with a H77-based motherboard if you aren't planning to overclock. If you do, then you'll have to go with something based on z75/z77 motherboard and use the i5-3570k CPU.

    The best performance-per-buck CPU at stock clock last time I looked was the i5-3470.
  6. ^This
  7. darth pravus said:

    Thanks. And, while he stated that he would not be overclocking his CPU, the option would still be easily made available to him if he ever decides that he wishes to overclock his CPU. Not only is he getting an excellent CPU, but he is also getting the best bang-for-your-buck motherboard. I use both of these components, but the only downside to the motherboard is that it is 3cm smaller in width than most ATX motherboards.

  8. @InvalidError- thank you . that was conclusive .

    @ GoldenI - thanx for the info.
    just a doubt need to be cleared.. .. no body recommends Intel Original Boards these days..? whats the matter ?

  9. Best answer
    inwell said:
    just a doubt need to be cleared.. .. no body recommends Intel Original Boards these days..? whats the matter ?

    Probably because Intel's boards tend to have fewer hardware and BIOS feature for a higher price than most 3rd-party board manufacturers. Performance and reliability are still there, just not the many bells and whistles many DIYers like to have.

    Intel's boards make the most sense for institutions and companies that want manageable, low-maintenance, low-risk no-nonsense PCs.
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