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I just set up triple monitors through a HD 5770 and everything was working good as i had initially set up the displays as landscape in windows 7. Then, i couldnt get wow to use three screens so i started messing around in Catalyst control centre and masjorly messed something up.

I cant get windows to even recognized the three monitors... Its using them all but its not recognizing them. All i can get now is 3 duplicated displays. The only options available are here:

Its detecting all 3 displays as 1

SOLVED: For future Google searchers unplug all your monitors from the card and plug them back in one at a time... Yes its that simple...

Ive tried uninstalling Catalyst, updating my graphics card drivers, restarting. I have no clue what i did to mess this up any ideas?
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  1. Like was is the 1/2 display. I realllly dont want to reformat because of this
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