GPU questions againn....

my build is here

CPU: i5 3570k
GPU: onboard
RAM: 8 gigs of 1600 ram
MOBO: asrock pro3

so here comes my trouble, as i was building my pc i got it in the case and all that and nothing happend i thought it was the power supply or something so i tried to take the 16 pin power connector from the psu out of the mobo and it wouldn't come very easily.... so as im kinda mad already i pulled harder and eventually it came off. i looked at either the power supply or the mobo and one of the lil gold looking thigs was missing. now i am scared to see if it was on the mobo or power supply because that means that i can't really change my psu to get a better gpu if one of the gold looking pin things are missing.....

I want to get maybe into pc gaming and need a good gpu that is kinda cheap around 200 max but hopefully around 150 without changing psu's because i am scared to *** :/ sorry for the long post but need help...
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  1. Hd 6870?
  2. how good will that play bf3? also can i play bf3 with a regualar keyboard and mouse nothing special?
  3. I dont see what a keyboard and mouse will do with performance and maybe high-ultra idk what res you'll be on
  4. no but like to actually move around and shoot and that stuff.. sorry im console newbie
  5. It will be very playable
  6. Thank you very much i will probably be so bad cuz im a cod ps3 noob but maybe ill get better :-()
  7. lmao Are you going to overclock your cpu?
  8. idk mayb a lil but i got stock cooler..... and have no clue how... and need to buy a gpu.... and need to get better at bf3... and buy bf3 :D lolz ill b savin up for a couple months because people have been saying i can't play bf3 on onboard 4000 graphics?
  9. You'll only get about 15 fps and that's not playable. I'm no PC gamer (I have X360 and want to game on PC badly D:) I'm getting a Pentium G620 tomorrow :D hopefully it's not bad on BF3 multiplayer lmao
  10. wait 15 fps at lowest settings?
  11. Yep 15fps everything low
  12. ughhhhh well i guess time to save money and get mowin dat lawn :P
  13. Lol Im afraid to mow my lawn because it's been over 100 for the past week... almost died out there lmao. I'm depending on mah piggy banks :D
  14. ohh where do you live? i live in wisconsin.... its been pretty dang hot here tooo
  15. Northern Illinois lol
  16. did you get ur g630? what is your gpu? how does bf3 run?
  17. I need like $10 more lmao. I don't have any money for a GPU currently but I'll save up for whatever. I'll probably make a video later on showing the FPS for Multiplayer games :D
  18. ohh ic ic
  19. I'm getting a G620 since the 100MHz wont really raise performance. I'm also about to start High School so I'll be the chick magnet with a Custom Build. Oh yeaaaahh
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