GPU hieracrhy help ?

Clearly most of you know more than the average Joe about computing however, where is a good place to see a hierarchy of GPUs to get a grasp of how they rank. There are so many models and numbers thrown out there its difficult to keep up with it all.
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  1. Appreciate the quick response, so by that first link chart the GTX 690 would be the best card on the market ?
  2. The 690 is the best gaming card on the market, yes.
  3. Lol hooooly sh*t I newegg'd it just for the heck of it......around 1,000 dollars
  4. Yes, that is how most hardware on the market is. The top of the line is always extremely expensive. The price to performance ratio is horrible.
  5. If you want the best, then you gotta spend $$$$ for it. No, they will not take your blood or body parts as payment.
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