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Hey everyone, Today I powered off my computer unplugged everything, and Installed my new amd fx-8150 processor along with an Antec H20 620. Now the computer won't start at all other then after being unplugged for a while, after plugging it back in, lights will blink on as well as a fan spinning for a millisecond. Any suggestions at what I should do?

My system consists of
ASRock Extreme 4 mobo
8gb RAM
500 gb HDD
2 Nvidia Gts 250 graphics cards running SLI
and an 850w power supply
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  1. make sure the mb has the bios updated before you switch cpu. a lot of older mb wont post if the cpu code is not updated.
  2. I made sure to update it to the latest possible, shown by the site that makes it, before I swapped em.
  3. Even just put the old processor back in to test, and no luck.. same thing.
  4. how would I know if the motherboard quit working? im not even getting a flicker of lights anymore..

    been working at this for hours.. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Make sure ALL power connections are properly seated and not wiggling loose.

    A motherboard shouldn't just die like that. Something else is wrong.
  6. sounds like a dead short...try taking the mb out of the case and see if it run on a desk on top of a box. if it does power up then somehow your shorting the mb out in the case.
  7. Or you killed the psu. Can you do the quick psu test where you put the jumper pin in the 24 pin connector? 1 in the green and 1 in any of the blacks. Make sure you have a fan or something plugged into it so something draws power.
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