CX600 with GTX 670

Will my PSU handle my system with a shiny new GTX 670? My PSU is a Corsair CX600 builder series PSU. It has 40A on the +12v rail which combines to only 480w
Here is the rest of my system

Intel Core I5 2500k STOCK no overclock
Coolermaster Haf 912
Front 120mm and and back 120mm
Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Motherboard
Corsair CX600
Lite-on DVD burner
Seagate Barracuda 500gb HDD SATA 6gb/s
GSKILL 8GB DDR3 1333mhz

I heard that a system with a 670 only pulls about 320 watts on gaming load from the wall, and thats with a 3930k @ 4.4ghz
It also consumes about 30 watts less than a GTX 570
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  1. You'll be fine. You could even overclock the CPU (and you should since you have the K edition and not the non-K).
  2. I was looking forward to do a 4.5ghz overclock once my Hyper 212 comes in. Do you think i will have a problem running the 670 and a I5 @4.5 if no, what about 4hz?
    Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it:D
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    You will be fine with either on that PSU. If you can't hit 4.5Ghz it won't be because of your PSU.
  4. Thanks for your time
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