I7-3930k, best chip for my needs? Also, quad-ram question.

I've been thinking of finally switching back to intel after an 8 year long stint with AMD. I'd say I use my computer for 4 main tasks, in this order:

1. Gaming
2. Photoshop manipulations/art
3. 3D modeling/rendering
4. Video editing (HD videos)

My question is considering these uses, do you think the 3930k is the best chip for me to consider? And can anyone attest to the performance increase between dual-, tri-, and quad-RAM configurations? I was hoping the quad-RAM feature of the LGA2011 mobos might significantly improve my video editing and 3D work.

Also, do you think it is better to go with 8x4GB or 4x8GB with quad-RAM? Is there a performance difference? I believe with dual configs it is better to go with less slots greater capacity because you can always upgrade the empty slots, but the idea of having 32GB ram in the first place sounds absurd. So I was hoping someone had a recommendation.

Thanks for all the help for this first time poster! :)
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  1. 3 makes it a very viable platform for you and less modules is always better than more so 4 x 8GB gets my vote.
  2. If you use more than 4 sticks of RAM, the memory bandwidth would suffer because it can't access 8 sticks at once due to only being Quad-Channel.

    Having 4 sticks of higher-density allows everything to be accessed at once, providing higher bandwidth. They are actually about the same price overall as well.

    However, memory bandwidth pales in comparison to the processing power that the applications require, the 3930k certainly covers those requirements however.

    **Make sure you buy a good cooler, because you want to squeeze out the highest overclock you safely can when you have a 6 core processor.
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