4870 + 4890 crossfire on LC Power 650W

Hey guys, im new to the forum, so sry if this has allredy been asked before. I have 4870 and now someone is offering me cheap 4890 so im thinking of buying it and putting in crossfire, but im not sure if my power supply can handle it :??: Im using LC Power 650w. I need to know that before i buy that card because investing more money in this computer is not an option for me. Oh and btw i have C2Q 9550, 4gbs of ram. Thx for your answers!!
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  1. Those cards max out at 150W and 190W max respectively. That's a total of 28.3A on the +12V rail. Along with the 95W processor and other devices on the +12V rail, I would not recommend it. Check your PSU's specs for sure. I can't seem to find any info on it so use your nameplate to see if it is within specs. Personally, I wouldn't go with anything less than a very good 750W for those two cards. If the PSU doesn't have the 4 x 6-pin PCIe connectors needed for powering those two cards in Xfire, that's a clue that it is not intended for that kind of output.

    PSU Calc: http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com/
  2. I don't think you can put 2 different card on xFire but check the forum sticky on SLI/Crossfire to learn more.

    Anyway the PSU may or may not support it.You left out if the CPU is OCed,how many drives you run and the model and age of the PSU.
    I wouldn't risk it though,even if new it cuts pretty close to the power your system draws causing it to run at 90%+ all the time and since LCPower is not very good the PSU wont last long.

    The upgrade from 4870 to 4890 is neglectable so I won't think of buying the card unless is extremely dirty cheap.

    Plus,two power hungry mosters like those generate alot of heat(depending on the model they may run coolder at power expense)so you would need to compensate with extra fans meaning more power draw...see where we are getting?

    I would stay clear of that solution really.
  3. That's an old hardware(4890). Put your money on new card
  4. They can be put together, but i guess im gonna avoid it and start gathering money for something new. Thx guys for your respond!
  5. Amir20v said:
    They can be put together, but i guess im gonna avoid it and start gathering money for something new. Thx guys for your respond!

    I think that's best. You'd just be asking for problems. And yes, you're correct. Those two cards can be Xfire'd with each other. If it's a really really good deal, you may want to consider a PSU upgrade. But Xfire has micro-stutter issues with some cards, so avoiding the deal may still be best.
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