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Hey all!
I have an i5-3570K OC'ed at 4.6GHz, and I was wondering if it is too much. Should I tune it down a bit for more reliability? It seems stable now, never went past 70C on Battlefield 3.
Using the fan Noctua NH-U9B SE2. I've been told its a monster.
Running at 1.34 V right now, haven't done a Prime 95 because I never get that high. My CPU use is peaking at 60 max.
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  1. 70C is a little high I would reduce a little.
  2. Just ran a quick Prime 95, the max temps were the following:
    But as I said It never got past like 70 playing BF3, and I am just saying 70 because I've never.. Tested it. But I have Core Temp up almost all the time and all I see is 67C max.
    To what extend should I underclock it? And will it affect the speed of the PC from where it stands right now?
  3. I would lower it to 4,4 if i were you, i doubt you would really notice it unless you have some serious GPU power that would be bottlenecked by it. But again, i doubt it
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