Comfort 5000 keyboard/mouse--USB key undetected


I have a Microsoft Comfort keyboard/mouse set USB RF Wireless 2.4ghz

I've been using it for 2 years on various computers, various OS's. Never needed a driver (hate MS drivers.)

Suddenly I get it back from a friend and neither the mouse nor the keyboard will connect -- no unknown USB device in device manager at all (not detected by Bios either.) They connected for 15 seconds and then disconnected on first 2 attempts (Win7). Now they won't connect at all.

Tried on 3 computers, with Win7 and XP
Tried new batteries
Doesn't look like USB key is dirty -- how would I clean one???
Tried keyboard alone and mouse alone -- both light up.
Tried toggling various drivers
Hidden and Non-present devices are shown in my Device Manager

Is this a short in the receiver?
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  1. I finally called Microsoft to see if I can replace the USB receiver. Guess what? They are sending me the entire set for free! I've had it just shy of 3 years but I have no receipt. They don't care. I just have to send the old set back at my own expense -- no biggy to save $50. Quite pleased.

    I really think some funky radio or electrical signals might have caused the short with the receiver. The guy who borrowed it blew his desktop PSU recently as well. There's something up in that basement where he liives. It's scary! :fou::??:

    Update: Microsoft never did send that keyboard. I KNEW it was too good to be true.
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