Need a new graphics card

So i want a new graphics card and i play a lot of games and idk which will fit and be the fastest for my computer on a $150 budget. I have a dell xps210 and i don't know what my power supply either.
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  1. Can you look at the sticker on the power supply?
  2. It says 275w max output.
  3. Yikes. What games do you play, and what settings do you want?
  4. How much do power supplies run for thats a decent one? Umm im trying to get it to play diablo 3 without it running slow or anything. Best possible settings.
  5. That's rough. What is the rating on your +12v rail - It's also on the sticker; will look something like +12v @ XXa.

    Your +12v rail isn't likely to be able to support any card that requires a 6 pin connection (you'd probably need an adapter for one anyway). The PSU *may* support an HD 7750. That's the fastest card that's powered through the pci-e bus (~$110).
  6. You might be SOL on a new power supply. The XPS series use an unusual small form PSU.
  7. How much is an adapter for an hd7750? It says +5v /18a. I think thats the one lol
  8. Ouch. If this is your machine

    you're going to need a low profile card as well.
  9. SOL?
  10. Yeah thats my computer. A low profile card? What's that?
  11. s**t out of luck.

    A low profile card is one small enough to fit into that case. It won't fit a normal size card.

    The strongest low profile card out right now is the HD 6670.
  12. So even if i get an adapter i still can't use a good graphics card?
  13. Correct. Your power supply isn't strong enough to support one.
  14. Oh ok gotcha. The HD 6670 is a decent one and will be able to play diablo 3 without it being slow?
  15. What resolution will you be running diablo 3 at?
  16. 1280x800
  17. The 6670 will give you smooth framerates in D3 on pretty high settings at that resolution.
  18. Ok thanks. Well what kind shold i get for hd 6670. Theres different types. Idk which one is best.
  19. Doesn't really matter, most manufacturers are fairly reputable. Off the top of my head, Asus and XFX are a couple of the more reputable companies in the video card market. Gigabyte, sapphie, HIS, and MSI are all decent, too.
  20. Ok thanks :)
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