How can I find out my power supply's wattage without a sticker on the side?

My power supply doesn't have any sort of sticker on it saying how much wattage it uses. Someone I knew a long time ago put it in and I can't get in touch with him anymore. I have no idea what type of supply it is, and I really want a new graphics card. is there any free way to find out the wattage without the sticker?
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  1. If it's in a plain grey metal and doesn't have a brand name, or power sticker on it - replace it, it will save you time and money in the long run.

    Never skimp on PSU - just not worth it.
  2. UL requires a sticker. Perhaps it is on a side that you can't see.
    If it really does not have one, I would plan on dumping the psu.
    A poor quality psu that fails can damage anything it is connected to.

    If your psu does not have a 6 pin pci-e power connector, it will not have the power to safely drive a graphics card that needs one.
    It will be a 300w card, and probably less.
    You might get away with a card as strong as a 7750 which does not need auxiliary power, but that's it.
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