Which to buy? Yamaha 16x10x40 or Plextor 12x10x32

Good day to all,

The price of a Yamaha 16x10x40 is almost the same with a Plextor 12x10x32 if not cheaper. It also has a 8MB buffer memory. So.... burner experts out there, which one should I buy?

One more question.
If a CDROM can be copied in one burner but not in the other, does the fault lies with
1) software that comes with the burner
2) the burner itself
3) or that piece of CDROM (perhaps there is copyright protection?)

Please clear my doubts. Thank you in advance.
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  1. I would go for the Plextor 12x actually, as long as it has burnproof.

    For your second question, out of the 3 choices you provided, the fault is most likely within the burner itself.

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  2. Both has under-run technology...i'd go for whichever is cheaper.

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  3. The Yamaha is not as good a rewriter as the Plextor 12X/10x.. But the Yamaha is a better writer. It is also louder at full spin than the Plextor. But considering you can get an OEM version of the Yamaha with software still cheaper than the Plextor 12/10/32, that's the drive I'd go for.

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  4. I guess I will go for a Plextor 12x10x32.
    Think the 12x and 16x difference in burning timing is about 2~3 minutes. Speed is not very critical to me as I'm an average home user. Also from the posts, I think Plextor is a more recommended brand.

    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.
  5. Choosing Plextor is a wise decision :wink:

    I have one 12x10x32 and made the huge number of 1 coaster - and due to faulty media. A great drive.

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  6. i agree. the 7125A is a great product.
    ive only make one coaster as well. and that was due to a poor cd-rom read.

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  7. I have both Yamaha and Plextor CD Writer. They both performs good and did not give me any problem. If Yamaha 16x10x40 cost about the same as Plextor 12x10x32. I will get Yamaha.
  8. I've got a Plextor and love it!

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