Should I go with Ivy Bridge or Wait for Haswell?

I am planning to build a gaming PC for around $2,000 in the early to middle part of next year. I have been reading about the Haswell from various sources. Some say it is worth the waiting for PC gamers while others say it is not. The main story that I have heard is that Haswell is focused on lower power consumption Should I go with Ivy Bridge or wait for Haswell?
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  1. Yeah, if you are not going to build it until next year then you might as well wait for Haswell unless you need to wait more than 6 month and that money is burning a hole in your pocket.

    The Haswell will only have about 10% more processing power. Not enough to wait for especially since it will cost a premium for a few months. The internal graphics will be doubled in power, but still not enough for serious gaming. In short, don't wait for it.
  3. No. I went Ivy and I won't consider upgrading until Broadwell and that is a big maybe. Intel won't increase raw grunt for 2 simple reasons:

    - No competition. No point.
    - Nothing really need a big CPU speed boost. When the next console gen finally comes out four modern cores (and maybe more) will be it. Ivy fits that, any improvements are meh for a long while.

    If you buy Ivy now you are set for at least two years. Its very unlikely that will change.
  4. I was able to grab a i7-3770k for $229 and the poster is right, when Haswell comes out, you'll pay a premium price for at least 6 months. I'm skipping over Haswell.
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