Need help with Dual core!

Hello, i have Intel Core Duo 2 E7500 2,93GHZ
And i have HD 6870 as GPU.
And 6GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM.
So here's the question, how long i can play with dual core processor?
At this moment, i can run new games like BF3,BO2,Skyrim and stuff at medium to ultra settings.
Skyrim runs at ultra without problems.
So how long i can play with dual core processor?
I mean in time, before all games need quad.
Thank's for help!
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  1. I had mine OCed to 3,5ghz and never bottlenecked the GPU.
    Games will run quad when quad becomes the new dual core.Right now the majority of systems is dual core so games are made to work with the 2 cores so the company can bring more into the table.Quad cores are still very "new",just read a few threads around the forums and you will see that most people are happy with their CPU performance and will only change when they can make a new system(most dual cores are lga775 so the expense is not so low).
    I sold my system that lasted me almost 7 years for 1/6 of the original price.
    If you have the funds to make a new system then sell you current computer first and get another updated one.Don't buy cheap,buy future proofing systems and you will have a good system for 5+ years.
  2. if you will buy processor better buy for long time and pay more for longer use
  3. Probably it will last for few more years since most games are ports. If you're buying go for a cheap quad. The gpu on the other side gets obsolete very quickly, as you probably already know since that cpu is not same generation as the gpu.
    By the time you need a new cpu, you'll want a new gpu and memory.
  4. Thank's for good answers, i think im sticking with this intel till i can afford i5.
    So, i can run games atleast at minimum grapics till end of 2013?
    I bet i can get i5 before summer 2013 but yeah.
  5. It will be a very long time before all games requires (not recommends, but requires) a quad core CPU.
  6. Hi :)

    The honest answer is >>Until you cant...

    All the best Brett :)
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