Upgrading dads PC storage space NEED HELP!?

Hi Guys,

Just yesterday I installed two new sticks of RAM in the the old boys computer as well as a new 1TB Seagate HDD i will first guide you through my install proccess and what problems i've encountered.

First i replaced a single 2gb stick of ram with two corsair 2GB sticks, then added the original equalling a total of 6GB.
I then installed the harddrive in the appropriate manor and conected it to the sata1 port (main HDD with OS is connected to SATA 0) the first problem i encountered was that the computer would boot but it wasnt loading the OS so I then switched the sata cables around for some reason to see if either was faulty turns out they're both ok, tried again, didnt work, then i took the old stick of ram out to see if that would help, i figured seeing as i didnt know what mhz it was running at i thought it may have been interfering with the other two new sticks. After taking the old stick out i still had no luck.
Then i remembered that when installing new ram and whatnot, sometimes you might have to reset the CMOS so it can adapt to the new hardware. I did this, took the battery out, left it for a day, then put it back in and presto, it worked.

I managed to get into the desktop and noticed the popup on the right hand side saying it was installing drivers for the new hardware meaning that the sata cable connecting the HDD is working which was good but when i went into my computer the new harddrive wouldnt show up.
I decided i should make sure the computer has detected it so i

right clicked my computer>properties> device manager and went to disk drives,

sure enough the HDD was in there, so now i know it has been noticed, i then proceeded to check that the latest drivers were installed and they are so now im left clueless and wondering why this hasnt been recognised as a Hard Drive in My Computer?

Also, dad reckons now when he tries to access the internet via IE it says that its not genuine and doesnt allow him to use it.
Hopefully this isnt a TL;DR thread, sorry about the big list, i just wanted to make sure you knew my every step.

By the way, he's running vista, so everything will be a few generations old if that helps with anything. i dont know what hardware exactly as of now but if you think that might be an important aspect to its diagnose i'd be glad to find out.

Cheers for reading and i hope someone out there can help me. :)
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  1. Ah, you have to go into disk management (can't remember right off how to get there, but its via the control panel) and reformat the new drive (not the old drive, the new drive. Can't stress this enough). Once it is done reformatting, Windows will see the new drive and all will be well.

    As for the second problem, if it is saying that the computer isn't using a geniune Windows OS, do the following.

    1. Make sure the OS came with the computer.
    2. Make sure the OS wasn't pirated or used from another computer.
    3. Call Microsoft and explain to them that you upgraded the computer. They'll somehow tell the OS that everything is fine and genuine.

    Hope this all helps. If not (or even if it does) please report back here. :)
  2. Cheers :) i figured out the hard drive problem fairly easily, its just microsoft office that claims its not genuine now :/ would the same thing apply? just give microsoft a ring?
  3. Yup!
  4. ok not 100% sure but isnt vista a 32 bit system with a max of 4gb of ram ?
  5. yeah man, thats why i didnt mind taking out the other 2GB, he was originally running 2GB then i decided to get a set of 2x 2GB so he could have 4GB but they'd be the same brand and model. i was just checking to see if i added the old 2GB whether it would matter as i'd rather it be somewhere where it may be used or at least stored other then floating about in the house.
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  7. Cheers mate, i bookmarked and emailed it to my home adress just in case. i cant do anything about it now as i am at work but its a start, thanks.
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