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[WTA] Is Stock Temp for Intel I7-3930k Safe? (50~60 Celcius)


May i know what is the normal temperature of cpus in stock speeds (w/out overclocking).
My mobo bios reads that the cpu temp is 50~60 Celsius (Just start-up). I never tried overclocking or folding. The cpu speed is 3.2Ghz. Please advise best course of actions if the temps are abnormal. I will apply new thermal paste if the temps are agreed to be bad..

CPU: I7-3930k
Mobo: Asus IV Gene (X79)
HDD: WD Green 2TB
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100
GPU: AMD Radeon 7950
OS: Win 7 x64 Ultimate SP1
Casing: Sharkoon Scorpio 1000 ATX Tower Casing

BTW, does Corsair H100 comes with thermal paste applied by the manufacturer? Because i directly mount the heat sink with what appears to be thermal paste on the Corsair's heat sink.... :sweat:

This rig is built on July 2012 but the HDD is 2 years old. The ambient temperature of my room is 31 Degree Celsius. Dust is not the problem.. My cooler seem to release decent amount of heat out. No random BSOD or sudden shut-down. My mobo bios is downloaded from Asus website. However, I have problem transferring files for more than 20 mins (The OS will fail to detect the HDD... then the OS freezes but it does not shut down - Have to shut down manually). The HDD is used for (2 years) downloading.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. yes it comes with thermal paste applied

    those temperatures seem too high--though bios temperatures show high

    test them in windows with realtemp

    did you install the block by tightening in an x pattern?

    ie--screw 1 then screw 3 then screw 2 then screw 4
  2. Try running prime95 torture test while monitoring temps with HWmonitor (freeware). If it goes above 80 C, you probably have a cooling issue, but I don't think damage is done until over 100 (Where it should have a built in thermal shutdown to protect it). Stop the test if it goes above 85, though, just to be safe.
  3. Thanks for the thermal paste clarification mcnumpty23. I will try the screws later.. Its now 2 am in my country zzzz....

    twelve25, the TCase fo my cpus is 66.8°C and my temps are already bad at stock... so I will avoid prime95 for now. I will download prime95 ater.
  4. i wouldnt run prime95 if you may have a cooling issue--though thermal protection should cut in and protect the cpu

    test temperatures when idle with realtemp

    then test with a less intensive program than prime95

    like 8m or more on superpi

    then if it looks ok maybe prime95

    31c is a high ambient temperature
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    BIOS runs one busy loop at the stock non turbo speed on one core(so you are not idling). That'll warm up the cpu and you will see high temps and if you are not exceeding 60 C with 31 C ambient then trust me your cpu cooling is fine. The preapplied thermal compound on your heat sink is high quality and good for non OC'ed cpu.
    When you monitor temps through windows, you'll see much lower temps and probably between mid to high 30C range.
    Tcase is the temp that is read at the cpu heat spreader and not you core temp which can go as high as 103-104C for short durations. Temps below 75C are good temps for the cpu.
    If you are unconfortable running Prime95, then run IPDT (download and install from Intel website). It will stress test your cpu and will log the data for temps as well. The IPDT run will surely give you confidence in your cooling solution although I am quiet confident that your temps are good.

    Edit> you seem to have a failing hard drive rather than an overheating cpu

    have fun
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  7. First of all, thank you for all the replies. :)

    At first I loosen and fit back my cooler. The thermal paste seem fine. I tighten the screw by following the x-pattern. Should I apply a new set of paste each time I remove my cooler? 31 Celcius is normal in Malaysia.

    I will try prime95 but not today.


    I ran IPDT64 - rev and below are the results. :)
    Bottom line my mobo still read 50 Celsius at start and going up to 55 once windows start.

    --- IPDT64 - rev ---

    --- Start Time: 11/22/2012 19:34:57---

    --- Skipping Config ---

    --- Reading CPU Manufacturer ---

    Expected --> GenuineIntel
    Detected --> GenuineIntel
    Found --- Genuine Intel Processor ---

    --- Temperature Test ---

    Temperature Test Passed!!!

    Temperature = 41 degrees C below maximum.

    --- Reading Brand String ---

    Detected Brand String:
    Intel Core i7-3930K 3.20GHz

    Brand String Test Passed!!!

    --- Reading CPU Frequency ---

    Expected CPU Frequency is --> 3.20

    Detected CPU Frequency is --> 3.20197

    CPU Frequency Test Passed!!!

    --- FSB NOT Supported on this Processor ---

    --- Running Base Clock test ---

    Detected Base Clock --> 100
    Base Clock test Pass ---

    --- Running Floating Point test ---

    Million Floating Points per Second, MFLOPS --> 417.6
    Floating Point Test Pass ---

    --- Running Prime Number Generation Test ---

    Operation Per Second--> 4.65205e+006
    Prime Number Generation Test Pass ---

    --- Reading Cache Size ---

    - Detected L1 Data Cache Size --> 1 x 32
    - Detected L1 Inst Cache Size --> 1 x 32

    - Detected L2 Cache Size --> 256
    - Detected L3 Cache Size --> 12288

    Cache Size Test Passed!!!

    --- Determining MMX - SSE capabilities ---

    --- MMX SSE ---
    MMX - MMX Supported --> Yes
    SSE - SSE Supported --> Yes
    SSE2 - SSE2 Supported --> Yes
    SSE3 - SSE3 Supported --> Yes
    SSSE3 - SSSE3 Supported --> Yes
    SSE4.1 - SSE4.1 Supported --> Yes
    SSE4.2 - SSE4.2 Supported --> Yes
    --- MMX SSE - capabilities check complete ---

    MMX Test Result --- PASS
    SSE Test Result --- PASS
    SSE2 Test Result --- PASS
    SSE3 Test Result --- PASS
    SSSE3 Test Result --- PASS
    SSE4.1 Test Result --- PASS
    SSE4.2 Test Result --- PASS
    MMX SSE Testing Passed !!

    --- Determining AVX AES PCLMULQDQ capabilities ---

    AVX - Advanced Vector Extensions Supported --> Yes
    AVX OS Support - AVX Operating System Supported --> Yes
    AES - Advanced Encryption Standard Supported --> Yes
    PCLMULQDQ - Polys Carry-Less Multiply Supported --> Yes
    --- AVX AES PCLMULQDQ capabilities check complete ---

    AVX Compare Test Result --- PASS
    AES Test Result --- PASS
    PCLMULQDQ Test Result --- PASS
    AVX AES PCLMULQDQ Testing Passed !!

    --- Reading Memory Size ---

    Detected Memory Size is --> 8.00GB

    --- Integrated Memory Controller Stress Test ---

    --- Integrated Memory Controller Stress Test Pass!!! ---

    Integrated Memory Controller Test Pass!!!

    Chipset : Intel(R) X79 Express Chipset or Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset
    Chipset Stepping : C0

    No device connected to PCI-to-PCI Bridge Controller

    2 device connected to PCI Express Port 0
    1 : AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
    2 : High Definition Audio Controller

    No device connected to PCI Express Port 1

    1 device connected to PCI Express Port 5
    1 : ASMedia XHCI Controller

    1 device connected to PCI Express Port 6
    1 : Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller

    1 device connected to PCI Express Port 8
    1 : ASMedia XHCI Controller

    No device connected to SATA Controller1

    3USB devices detected
    1 : USB Input Device
    2 : USB Mass Storage Device
    3 : USB Composite Device

    1 device connected to Intel High Definition Audio Controller
    1 : High Definition Audio Device

    PCH LAN Device 'Unknown Device. VEN:8086DEV:1503' detected

    --- Platform Controller Hub Test Completed!!! ---

    ..Query 5..
    --- Querying for Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Device (IGD) ---
    ..Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Device not supported on this processor..
    ..Skipping Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Device Presence Test..

    --- CPU Load ---

    --- Load Level = 8

    CPU Load Passed!!!

    --- Temperature Test ---

    Temperature Test Passed!!!

    Temperature = 32 degrees C below maximum.

    --- Test End Time: 11/22/2012 19:38:56---
  8. Glad we could help :)
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