Simply Put: Will it Run?

Is it absurd to think that a Radeon 6570 could operate in an M58 Thinkcentre, equipped with a meager 280W PSU? (No, please do not suggest that I upgrade it. I lack those skills completely.)

A link to the card can be found here:

User reviews seem to indicate that it will, in fact, work. (However, the box wants you to have a 400W unit...)
If this is a bit too risky, are there any other lower-end cards I should consider?
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  1. Yes, it'll run in your computer and I'm sure you won't run into any issues. Also, while surfing the forums I found this :)
  2. you might even be able to run a 7850..someone said it uses like 110 W under load. Thats the same as the 6570 but much much faster.
  3. It will work fine... The 6570 is rated as a 45 watt part.

    If you look at a bunch of random boxes for amd 6000 series gpus they all have the requirment for a 400watt PSU.

    Its funny the 6770 also calls for a 400 watt PSU even though it draws 115 watts.
  4. It will run.

    However, you shouldn't be afraid to upgrade your power supply (not suggesting that you should). It's pretty simple, there are 2 main connectors: 4/8 pin CPU power cable and 20/24 pin ATX motherboard power cable. Then there are connectors for each of your hard drive too, and for case fans if you have any. That's it :).
  5. +1 on the upgrade. It is a easy job. Just take your time and dont be flustered.

    What i have done when pulling a part and putting it back in (mostly on cars) is to take pictures.

    Then if you have any problems you can refer to the pics.

    And oh. The GPU would run in your computer. ;)
  6. if you want to be sure you can enter your specs into the power supply calcualtor to make sure.
  7. the great randini said:
    if you want to be sure you can enter your specs into the power supply calcualtor to make sure.

    According to that webpage, I would need a 307W unit to run it comfortably.

    For some reason, I doubt that figure.
  8. That’s the max amount of energy the CPU can draw. Keep in mind you need to power the mobo, the fans the hard drives and such. The computer as a whole probably draws around 100 to 120 watts from the wall. The same as 2 old incandescent light bulbs.
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