Nvidia Geforce GTX vs PS3 & XBOX 360

Why gaming experience of PS3 & XBOX 360 is not high as obtained from NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560ti graphic card using core i3 2100 3.1 ghz processor having 6gb Ram?????????
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  1. Those consoles are using hardware 5-7 years old whereas the components you listed are much newer and faster.
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    Umm i couldnt really understand what you're talking about but ill assume its the graphics.The Xbox 360 was released in 2005.Back then it was more powerfull than a high end pc.The same can be said for the PS3 (but people back then didnt know the power of the CELL) which was very powerfull when it was released(2007).
    But if you start comparing their hardware to today's pc's the picture you will see how far technology has progressed.
    Lets take The Xbox 360.Optimisticly its gpu was equal to the 2900XT which was a top end ati card at its time.Now its as fast as a low end HD6570.
    Your PC is a lot more powerfull than either of the consoles.
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  4. Mean while the upcoming PS4 is faster than today high end PC unless you run multiple Titans.. :D
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