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Question I got a phenom II 955 BE
Cooler Master hyper 212 eve Heatsink
and also a front 140mm fan blowing in heat sink and 120mm fan blowing out the back and a 80 mm fan on the side blowing in, the case is a Zulman not sure what model ilde Im staying at 30-35 and prime 95 at 71 tops this normal I aplied the right amout of paste and did it multiple time using thermaltake TG-2 paste any recommendations now Im running a older style case with the psu on top that any help???
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  1. Well is this overclocked? If so your voltage may be too high which can cause those temperatures. If stock then check your voltage once again since it can still be high if set incorrectly by the motherboard.
  2. you kno what voltage i should be set at??
  3. no its not oc'd
  4. Well you and I have the same processor and my voltage at max is 1.35 for stock speeds. Previosuly it was at 1.4 but I lowered it to 1.35 and it was stable and I got lower temperatures. Also define what you mean by "right amount of thermal paste." The Hyper 212 is pretty much the equivalent of the Kuhler 620 (I have the Kuhler) and my idle temperatures are high 20's to max 32. During load I do not pass over 48 for degrees for the CPU, or 50 degrees for the individual cores. That being said the safe temperature for a Phenom II is below 62 as said on AMD's website. Anyways my thermal paste I use is MX-2 which can also cause our difference in temperatures but generally the temperature difference caused by thermal paste is minimal.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, generally every chip is a bit different. Some can overclock more and others can't. Likewise some can perform under lower voltage and some can't.
  5. Well just a rice size dab on the cpu layered evenly with a piece of plastic
  6. Well if you know how to lower the voltage then do that first, IF you know its higher than what it needs to be. In addition, I would not recommend spreading the thermal paste, I myself just put a rice sized amount in the middle and let the heatsink spread it out.
  7. Ill try and reapply thx and voltage looks about right thx for the tips though
  8. chuckm1304 said:
    Ill try and reapply thx and voltage looks about right thx for the tips though

    Was doing some digging around, thought you should read this:
  9. socialfox said:

    I have a similar setup fan/case wise and my temps are much lower , yours should be as well with that cooler .

    I use my own strange method , and I get perfect coverage every time , pea drop in the centre and 4 smaller drops about 10mm in from each corner , so far when I take off the cooler I get perfect coverage . I'll take pics next time I change or install a cooler
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