Wireless card in PC creating wifi interference?

I've recently completed building a new PC, and inside it inserted an Edimax EW-7612pln card to access my wifi network.

All well and good, but after moving the PC into it's new home (into a room upstairs, on the floor above the wireless router) the signal strength was awful. To be expected, I thought. Need to use a powerline adapter upstairs, maybe. Not a problem.

However, it seemed to me that the PC was resulting in an awful wifi connection for two iphones, an ipad, a macbook pro and an HP laptop, even when they were literally inches from the router. On a wired connection to the router from the macbook, I was getting 10mbps. Wirelessly, 0.5mbps from everything at best.

All manner of restarts, channel changes, WPA to WEP to WPA2 changes did not help. Kept the PC and router off overnight, morning arrives, router back on but made sure I kept the PC off. Speedtest.net giving good results on everything.

Wifi card removed from PC, now on wired (via TP-Link adapters) connection, excellent speed. All other devices, great wifi connections

I'm certain it was the wifi card causing this. Has anyone had a similar issue before?
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  1. No personally experience, but problem is not unheard of. If you already found a solution, then that is what is most important and thanks for sharing for experience.
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