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Power requirements for HD4870 Crossfire?


I have recently assebled my new computer:

ASRock Z77 extreme4
Intel i5-3570K 3.4Ghz
4x4gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 1.5V RAM
Mushkin 240gb SSD
OCZ Z Series 650W PSU
Radeon HD4870 GPU

As the GPU seems to be the weakest link in this setup i am considering getting another (cheap) HD4870 for CrossFire instead of buying a new (and more expensive) GPU.

However, the HD4870 i have already uses both of the 6pin power outlets that i have from my PSU so i am wondering if it is even possible to use another HD4870? And if so, how to give it power?

Another consideration is if 650W is enough for a CrossFire setup with this rather power-hungry PSU?

I really hope you can help me, thanks in advance!
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    for something like that you could try using a molex to 6 pin converter cable .. and 600 seems a bit underpowered for that if i were you ill be perfectly honest you have a nice cpu but your pairing it with a 4 year old gpu you do realize one 7870 or a 6870 will beat that .. hands down .. if your just trying to save money i dont blame you but you wont have direct x 11 support which is kinda a biggie considering you spent all that money on the high end hardware .. just saying ... and for an fyi go with a 750 watt or 800 watt .. corsair pro series are good ones.. if i were you id try and sell your 4870 and use the proceedes to buy you either a 6850 or 6870 .. or 7850 7870 .. personally i rock 2 6870's in crossfire and theres only a handful of games that i cant play on max settings .. lol if i had the money to get a 7870 setup id sell you mine at a nice discount..
  2. if u can do then seel that hd 4870 and buy new tech gpu with better gaming performance your system is looking nice if u can afford then get this psu very good one for the price.:)

    with this gpu which is very good in overclocking and all stuffs.:)

    if u get these two things then your whole rig will become a gaming rig u can also cf later these setup wil last for two or three years.:)
  3. I recommend getting newer card instead of crossfiring, the 4000 lineup is way too old now :).
  4. Thanks for your replies, i think "molex to 6 pin converter" might work if my PSU is powerful enough, but it seems that i should start looking for a new card instead :)

    Thanks for the advice!
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