GTX690 vs hd7970

I just builded a extreme gaming rig

My specs:
intel core i7-990X Processor Extreme Edition
4x4 GB RAM 1600MHz
Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 motherboard - ATX - LGA2011 Socket - X79 - LGA2011 Socket-Pci Express 3.0 x4
1TB HDD 10000 rpm
Cooler Master Power supply 232 1200W
Cooler Master HEF 932 Case
Corsair Hydro Series H80 Water Cooling CPU Cooler

as you see on the pc specs i have 4 x pci express 16x 3.0
i want some recommandations from you for good pci-e 3.0 video cards

i was thinking about gtx690
but and hd7970 isn't bad but i don't know what pci-e slot does it support

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  1. all pci-e slots are backwards compatible so i doesn't really matter, also your processor and motherboard will not work together. due to the 990x being lga 1366 and your motherboard is lga 2011.
  2. so what processor do you recommend to me?
  3. There is no comparison between the two.

    GTX 690 Vs HD 7970 in Crossfire is more comparable.

    Personally I would get two GTX 670s.
  4. is the core i7 3960x best processor for me?
  5. iliani007 said:
    is the core i7 3960x best processor for me?

    you do not need a $1000 processor, the i7 3930k when overclocked is just slightly slower then the i7 3960x, but that is only in high performance rendering and benchmarks. In gaming the i7 3960x is way overkill, even the i7 3930k is overkill, but if were you i would and money was no problem i would get the i7 3930k that will be more then enough processing power for gaming. Games dont utilize 6 cores, most games dont utilize 4 cores. Also you would not notice a difference between the i7 3960x and the i7 3930k, heck you wouldn't notice the difference between the i7 3960x and the i5 3750k in gaming
  6. gtx 690 is better then hd 7970 cf,3193-6.html

    if u r thinking to buy gtx 680 or hd 7970 leave them behind and get a gtx 670 which is very close to the performance and even low in price.:),3200-5.html
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