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Wireless N vs Wireless G

I was trying to improve my home network and its internet access. I had a Wireless G DSL router @ 1Mbps, with some issues about the Internet speed and the access range. Reading about the advantages of wireless N over wireless G, I lease a cable modem ISP with 5Mbps and installed a Wireless N router (Encore ENHWI-2AN34D) with a nominal speed up to 300 Mbps and promised range increase untill 15 times over wireless g networks. I've checked that all my devices are Wireless N compatible, but when I finally installed the new router I didn't notice an appreciable increase in speed nor range distance. I barely noted a difference between the 2 networks. Were my spectatives to high or ther is something I didn´t do right? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    You are not bottlenecked by g or n. Your internet is slow because of your 1Mbps or 5Mbps connection. As to range, I am not sure how much improvement you get in reality (other factors such as channel interference, going through objects, etc), although in theory, you should get double.
  2. Thanks for your answer Pryee. I'm sure I don't have a very fast conection, but even I was not expecting a five times increase in speed, I though that at least I was going to get twice my previous speed. On the other hand, I'm using a program in my cell phone (Wifi Analyzer) which shows me the different wifi networks in the area, the channel they are using and the strenght of the signal. The two routers are in separate channels and almost in the same place (about 2 meters between them). When I check the signals received in different places in the house, somethimes the signal of the N network is a little stronger (about 10 db) than the G Ntwrk (when I'm close to them) to places where the the G signal is a little stronger. Every places in a radio of less than 10 meters from the routers. What do you think? tks again.
  3. I get the same results with my cell program and with my laptop.
  4. Do you need more details? Thanks again for any further help.
  5. I think the problem of your slow connection is not the router but your internet connection (1 mbps).
  6. Ok, maybe is a problem with my poor english (I'm from Mexico). Let me try to explain it this way:

    OLD Conection: 1Mbps ADSL Wireless G

    NEW Connection: 5Mbps Cable Modem Wireles N

    Expected: some increase in speed and range

    Results: Almost the same and in some cases less speed or range in NEW vs OLD.

    I hope this help to explain the problem. Otherwise, I'm going to close this question after one or two days.

  7. Ok, if you are on 5Mbps cable connection now, you should get very close to 5Mbps. The speed problem could very well be the internet not the wifi. Can you run a speed test online with your computer connected directly to the router? If the internet connection is good, we will look at what obstacle can weaken the signal between the router and the computer.
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  9. Ok, Pyree. I think you are right. My internet conection sucks and definitely is the bottleneck. I tested several times and I can not get over 2 mbps. The wireless is sometimes close to 140 mbps, some times 40 mbps, and sometimes even 12 mbps, but allways over the speed of my internet conection, so I can not blame wireless N for this.
    Now, regarding to the range, I just moved a little the router from its original position (not so far anyway), and I'm now obtaining more consistent results. Not a big difference between them but allways a better signal from N than G.

    So I really appreciate the time you took for answer my question and I´m going to close it.

    Thanks again.
  10. No problem.
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