Thoshiba laptop drivers for windows-7 free download

i have windows 7 ultimate os in my laptop thoshiba, i want all the drivers(hardware and software)
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  1. Go here

    Click Downloads, a flash menu will appear/drop down under it.
    From there select Laptop, then your other info you have failed to include and it should take you to another page select Windows 7 either 32bit or 64bit(you also didn't mention this) as your OS, it does not care whether its Ultimate, Home Premium, Professional or even Starter, just needs to know if its 32bit or 64bit.

    It will then list all available drivers/software for your laptop, if it includes all versions of the drivers/software, then select the newest version, usually the higher the driver/software version= newer.

    If you do not know if you have 32bit or 64bit, click the Start button, right click on Computer and select properties, this window will open
    I think the info in the picture should be self explanatory.
  2. Thank u,i got it
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