PC: Quick Freeze, then BSOD, reboots, then freezes again.

Hey everybody,

Lately I have been experiencing a weird issue. My PC will hang for a second and then BSOD - it stays there, so I have to reboot. Once Windows starts again and I'm logged in, after a 1-10min it freezes again, this time without BSOD.

I contacted my PC provider, who told me my graphics-card might be flawed (Quadro 4000), so I used a Quadro 2000 that they lend me. The issue still occurred.

The issue now seemed to belong to a flawed RAM module. Following my provider's steps, I removed all but the first from the left column and kept using my PC for a week or so without any issues. I then added the bottom-right module, and so on, until all modules were back inside - I had no problems. Now it seemed that a simple take-out-put-back-in of the RAM modules fixed the issue. However, after a few months, the issue was back.

I redid all the RAM-swapping I had done before, and concluded that the lower-right module was flawed. My provider changed it for another, and everything was great until now. My PC froze again for barely a second, hanged on a BSOD, I rebooted it, logged-in to Windows to get a freeze (without BSOD or reboot) 40 seconds later.

Something worth noting, is that every time I reboot after the BSOD, it is something within Chrome that freezes my PC (e.g. this time I clicked the "restore" button as Chrome mentioned it had exited unexpectedly - from the previous freeze obviously - and it instantly froze). Finally, the Event Viewer lists 2 critical events in the past hour as "ID: 41, Type: Kernel-Power".

PC-Specs: http://i.imgur.com/VZpbr.jpg
Previous Dump-files: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/716600/DumpFiles_08_2012.zip

I would like to thank anybody in advance for your help. You're great.
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  1. Power supply, possibly a flawed motherboard
  2. cmi86 said:
    Power supply, possibly a flawed motherboard

    Hey, thanks!

    Is there any method of testing my PSU and/or motherboard? (such as an equivalent to memtest for RAM)
  3. Not exactly. There are power supply testers which require you to attach to the PSU and measure output. As far as the mother board no. It's a try another and see if your problem is solved type of situation.
  4. What's the error message on the BSOD screen ?
  5. Thank you both.

    @CMI86 - Okay, I'll find a way to test my PSU. Now that you mentioned the PSU, though, I realized that I did not mention an awkward fact about this issue. After I have gotten the 1-sec freeze followed by a BSOD, after I rebooted because the BSOD hanged, and after I logged back in to get another, this time eternal freeze and rebooted once again, the PC does not boot back up. The power-light is on, but my monitor says "no signal", as if the PC wouldn't really be turned on. This truly seems a like a power-related issue, doesn't it?

    @Nedal0 - I had taken a photo of that, but sadly cannot find it. I will make sure to take a picture of the next BSOD I get. I have linked to some previous dump-files, though, if that's of any help?

    Thank you!
  6. UPDATE: I just got a freeze, but without BSOD. My screen froze (while on Chrome, which is starting to seem suspicious to me) with an ongoing sound/noise. I had to force-reboot my PC.

    Does this still sound like a PSU issue?
    Thanks again.
  7. are all of your system drivers up to date ? try uninstalling chrome and re installing
  8. Hey, sorry for discontinuing my updates. Actually, after further BSODs and checking the Event Viewer, I realized I had several errors that pointed to "Component: Memory". You can see that here: http://www.screenr.com/z7U7

    Since then, I have been running Memtest86+ every night, following my motherboard's guide on where to place the RAM sticks (1, 2, 3, 4+ ..). So far, no errors, and today I added the fourth stick. I will continue to do so until I have all 8 sticks back inside. I am almost certain as to what the problem is: motherboard's bottom-right socket (P1C1) is flawed, but I still want to continue this Memtest86+ tests to be 100% certain.

    I'll keep you posted!
  9. Thanks for keeping us updated. I do believe its a Ram Module issue rather than motherboard.

    Also do make sure you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard if available

    Last thing I would ask is to make sure you use Dual Channel Mode if you Motherboard supports it. Basically you just have to buy your Rams as KITS (2 Identical Modules) instead of single. The Identical Modules mostly come as a Pack of 2 or Pair

    Hope everything gets sorted soon
  10. Can't download the .zip with teh dump files at work; can you download Bluescreenview and post a screenshot? Easier to see what went wrong then going through the dump files anyways...

    In any case, short term, download/run memtest86+. RAM is typically the hardware component most likely to fail, and the easiest to test. So check that when you get the chance.
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